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(Normally there here is a short waiting list for classes)

Class Fee: $230 (includes use of tools)
Supplies: About $50-80 (Get 10% discount as student)
Duration: Six weeks (2.5 hours each wk)
Meets: Once per Week:Tues, Wed or Thu (7-9:30 pm) or Sat (9:30 to Noon) or Sun (10:30-1:00) or Sun (1:30-4:00)

UPDATE: The instructional DVD is DONE and will take the place of new students having to listen to my lecture for the first meeting. You will be required to purchase the DVD and in effect gain an extra meeting.

You can get on the waiting list by e-mailing your NAME, ADDRESS, HOME PHONE (WORK PHONE & Cell if you wish). An opening occurs when a current student quits. I email notices for the limited spaces when openings occur so it is to your advantage to respond ASAP. Your info is confidential and goes to no other company.

"Poets Corner" Poems from the classes