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Just to give you an idea how some students LOVE the class, here is a poem posted on my door just one week before the end of the Holiday break.


Sunday Jan 7, 2007

A beautiful day
Morning sun cradled
In pale blue southern sky
On the door large and strong
Signifying absolute denial
A lock
Shiny steel contradiction
To picture windows calling
Colorful invitations
Memory emerges now
A flawed servant awakes
There is no class today
Creative dreams delayed
Anticipation deferred
'Til realization meets
An open door.

On the occasion of my return to class a week too soon!!
Michael Adams
On the occasion of a very special event. Composed by the Sunday Class. 8/3/08

Every Morning When I arise
I appreciate the life I have
And the memories of Former loves
Are too numerous to account for.
My Aches and pains are long forgotten
Then we'll dance and dancwe with every chance
Capturing each moment to the max.
By Michael, Evelyn, Mary, Elaine, Dan, Angie, Lygia


Supper Group Poem #1- Leaving Saturn
By Rita, Megan, Angie, Ashley, Nick, Michael, at Russian Renaissance,
San Francisco 6-13-2008

I once was on Saturn
Then there was a trip
Back to my home
Bright were the waters
My heart stopped
What about me?
Across the water
As I walked
The moon's light rays
Pierced back the dawn
And cascaded
Across my shoulders
And paused
When all of a sudden
I remembered the time
Tickled between my feet
And the prickling hairs
On my head
Spoke gently to my soul
And your beauty I recalled
And I felt the warmth
Envelop me
As if to repair
All that was broken
Between us
Today tomorrow and the next
I give thanks
To the silver footed crow
And the divine scribe
Who gives life
To my thoughts